‘Wheel of Fortune’ Guest Started Behaving Oddly with Strange Letter Choices—Then Pat Figured Out Why


Now that all things 80s are back in fashion including foreign policy and entirely too much makeup on men, people are talking about one of the more iconic game shows of the era.  More specifically, how the bad play of one veteran during Wheel of Fortune’s Veteran’s Week in November of 2015 benefited another player.  Thanks to IJR, we are reliving the memory…..

wheelHeading into the final round, Nura Fountano, who had been cruising through the competition just like she had all week long, started asking for letters that every native English speaker knows are about the least used letters in the alphabet – Z, and Q included.  Twice she took too long to answer and lost her turn.  And then one of her fellow contestants with less than $2,000 at that point took over and ended up with $6,400.  Not only the audience, but the show hosts were just puzzled as to why she would do this.

At the time, across social media, watchers of the show who like to see cutthroat competition wondered just what Nura was thinking.  It was as if she deliberately threw the round, they said.

Well, as it happens, Nura did throw the round so that her fellow veteran could take home some cash.  Yes, she won the night, but when it came down to it she also won the hearts of Americans everywhere for her kindness toward another veteran.

This story is seeing a resurgence as those who are not watchers of the wheel are discovering it.  It does demonstrate that even in America’s hyper competitive climate, some people will go the extra mile to help out another person evenwheel if it means losing big time on a national stage and doing things that an audience will declare dopey without knowing the full story.

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