Obama Has the GALL to put THIS on His New DC Home!….

Well, would you look at that.  Yet ANOTHER politician is seeking to protect himself with a wall.  And in this case, it isn’t just any politician, but soon to be – and not soon enough for a good chunk of America AND the rest of the world – Former President Barack Obama.  (It’s a joy to type that.)  Remember, this man was one of the many politicians who said that “walls don’t work” when President Elect Donald Trump said that he would build a big, beautiful wall on the southern border of the United States, and gave this stunner of a speech at the United Nations.

obama-wallAccording to the paparazzi over at TMZ, work crews have been spotted – read watched while they were working – building a beautiful new brick wall that matches the vintage brick of the 1928 house where Barack and his women will be holed up until younger daughter Sasha finishes high school.  The truly lovely abode features nine bedrooms, eight and half baths, and is in the midst of being converted into a Secret Service sort of place complete with an office in the garage.  (No mention on any reports where the server is.)  The house last sold for over $5 million, and is over 8,000 square feet.

And we taxpayers get to pay to heat the thing.

As news of the wall spread several Twitter users quickly pointed out the perceived hypocrisy. Obama has been a huge critic of Trump’s plan to ‘build a wall’ with the goal of securing The United State’s border with Mexico.




Yeah…this one is as ironic as it gets.

As word spreads of this home improvement (it really is, and would definitely be approved by this writer’s overly picky subdivision), look to see more commentary such as the tweets above.  The American people really are fed up with not just the Obamas, but all of their hypocrisy as well. arrow-right-next-page

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