OBAMA CLAIMS: No Terror Attacks Under His Watch…


Barack Obama claims that there were no no foreign terror ORGANIZATION attacks under his watch – WELL……..

Technically, Barack Obama has a point. It’s not the sentiment that counts in this case, though. It’s the actual words.


(Pay no attention to the lack of a crowd behind him.)

While the not soon enough to be ex-president of the United States speaks the truth that “no foreign terror ORGANIZATION” as a main entity has attacked the country in the last eight years, there have been plenty of terror attacks, some of which foreign terror organizations claim as the work of their people.  Incidents like Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon, the San Bernardino shooting, the destruction of a gay nightclub in Orlando….  These are supposedly lone wolf attacks with no connection, but somehow lurking in the background always there is evidence that the wolves have either been trained by a foreign terrorist organization, or have been influenced by them.


The word parsing was not appreciated by the wider audience outside of Joint Base Myer in Arlington, Virginia, where the remarks were made at a farewell ceremony.


For more man on the street reaction to the verbal gymnastics, visit the Fox News Insider article.  The Washington Examiner, though, thoroughly eviscerated the claim:

However, there’s obviously much more to the story. The president’s remarks are worded carefully for this reason.

By framing the issue in these very specific terms, Obama can position himself as the victor in the ongoing war on terror, while also avoiding mentions of the fact that there have been several major terrorist attacks in the U.S. under his watch. The president’s remarks Friday, which are an amended version of when he claimed on Dec. 6, “No foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland,” also allow him to avoid mentioning that many of the attacks in the U.S. have been linked to overseas groups.

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In fact, in the last eight years, there have been at least 10 high-profile terrorist events in the U.S. where the perpetrators were either inspired by or connected to radical organizations like the Islamic State or al-Qaeda.

And that is what the American people who are not enamored of Obama and the linguistic spinning want to see acknowledged.  The United States – just like many other western nations – has been targeted by the tendrils of ISIS.  Leadership does not need to be present for terrorism to take place.  Just people willing to carry out jihad.  That is the larger point, and that is why the world is a much more dangerous place after eight years of Barack Obama.arrow-right-next-page

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