[Watch] Man Lies and says he’s a Navy SEAL, Doesn’t Realize He’s Lying To Army Rangers

It’s never a good idea to claim to be a Navy SEAL when you are not, especially when you don’t know who you are talking to. A drunk man learns that lesson the hard way when he is confronted by three Army Rangers who take stealing valor very seriously.

The video begins with the drunk fool standing outside of a club, waiting for someone to come out and fight. Three men outside the club start a conversation with the SEAL impersonator while they are waiting for their taxi, or “Uber”. One of the Army Rangers asks,

“Why do you think you can take him? What’s your competitive edge? I’m just curious, do you do training? Are you jiu jitsu, do you do striking? He’s got some size on you, are you more aggressive?”

The intoxicated man replies, “I was in the SEALS.”

Those five words will haunt that man for quite awhile. The men don’t believe his proud proclamation so they begin to question him. After a bit of badgering, the man tells them he never got a Trident after becoming a SEAL and that he was attached to SEAL Team Artillery.  The drunk gentlemen don’t take that lie very lightly. It gets even worse when he assumes that they wouldn’t know the area of Afghanistan where he claimed to have served. That’s when the friendly but serious conversation turns into a hard lesson for the valor thief. The men explain that they are all Army Rangers, and it turns physical. After a few slaps in the face, the not-so Navy SEAL puts his tail between his legs and admits defeat.

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Lesson of the video, don’t lie when it comes to the men who sacrifice everything to protect our freedom, or else you may be the one who needs the protection.


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