Woman Tries to KIDNAP Little Boy – What She Says When Caught Is SICK!


There’s a reason kidnapping is a crime.  On November 11, a woman walked into the Brightside Academy day care center and brazenly attempted to do the unthinkable: she tried to kidnap a child to which she had no relation or connection.  According to personnel at the daycare center, she just walked in through the front door.

Security footage captured a blurry image of the woman just before she walked into the daycare. When a staff member stopped her from kidnapping a four-year-old, she reportedly said, “See how easy it is to take a kid?”

As of January 4, police in Columbus are looking for the woman as they have no leads other than one blurry security camera image.


The child was not harmed in the incident, but there is still no explanation how the woman was able to be in possession of the building’s security code without having a child at the facility or being on staff.  The code has since been changed, and there have been staff changes.  However, the parents of other children attending the day care center claim they were not told about the incident until it was reported on the news.

“It’s heartbreaking. It’s crazy, especially not being told what’s going on” according to Tihan Donnell, as he picked up his kids Wednesday night.

Employees at the facility say they couldn’t answer any questions about the case.

And then there was this:

One mom said, “Everything is kind of secretive here. They don’t tell us too much. I know they changed a lot of staff recently, so maybe that’s why.”

It is the woman’s words, though, “See how easy it is to take a kid?” that should terrify parents everywhere.  Women like this are the reason why caregivers and parents MUST wear identification when dropping off and picking up children from school or daycare in many places.  There are people who will kidnap another person’s child just because he or she can.  If nothing else, this incident should serve as a warning and wake up call: when dealing with kids, always be on guard, and don’t take security measures for granted.

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