Joe Biden Tells Democratic Objectors ‘It Is Over’ During Electoral College Certification Vote


On Friday, voted to certify the Electoral College results. President-elect Donald J. Trump garnered 304 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 227. Colin Powell received three votes, with Ron Paul, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Spotted Eagle, and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) each receiving one vote each. Yet, the liberal temper tantrum continued, with a few House Democrats voicing their objections to the official tally. Vice President Joe Biden, however, was having none of it, noting that none of the objections had a Senate sponsor, which meant that no debate could occur.

As Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) tried to make an objection, Biden quickly hot the gavel, noting that she lacked a Senate sponsor.

“It is over,” said Biden, which drew cheers from the chamber.

When Biden uttered those words, Congressional Republicans broke into cheers as America’s democracy once again succeeded and the election results were certified without any major controversies.

There were the usual liberal protests, and a few House members tried to throw up roadblocks, but they couldn’t stop what we all knew was going to happen.

Between now and Inauguration Day, there is nothing that liberals can legally do to stop Trump from taking the oath of office. Their previous hopes for mass elector defections or congressional intervention were for nothing.

The American people spoke loud and clear on Election Day. They made it known that after eight years of failed liberal polices, it was time to try something else. With the election of Trump, the American people showed that they want a leader who will be strong, unafraid to confront America’s enemies, and willing to do what it takes to protect the homeland.


For the next four years (at least), liberals are just going to have to get over being triggered by what Trump says and does.

This is how our democracy works. If liberals can’t handle that sometimes they will lose, then they need to either get an education in American history or go find somewhere else to hold their cardboard signs and cry. Maybe both.


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