ISIS Reveals Retirement Plan For Disabled Terrorists. DEATH Would Be Best!


WARNING: Accompanying ISIS video is very GRAPHIC. What do you do with an Islamic Terrorist Fighter when he or she reaches the end of their destructive career? This is the problem that ISIS leaders are facing after three years of war with the west and its allies. Well, fear not, the Muslim leadership has come up with the answer.

Not all of Allah’s best terrorists are lucky enough to end their glorious service by being killed while murdering helpless people and attaining their tickets to Paradise and their 72 virgins. Unfortunately, many of the Jihad’s best, and sickest, have only sustained debilitating injuries that have left them wheelchair bound and unfit for service on the battlefield. As distressing as this fact is, ISIS has now found a way to use the disabled fighters and allow them to enter Paradise as whole men and women again.


Disturbing footage has emerged of disabled ISIS terrorists being fitted with explosive before being wheeled away to carry out his suicide mission against unsuspecting civilians. The men are also used as drivers for car bombs and there is also another upside to this concept. First the ISIS leadership is not drained by having to provide medical care or income for the disabled, plus they have a ready pool of crippled fighters willing to give their lives to Allah. Something that has been in increasingly short supply over the last few months following increasingly destructive attacks by government forces against the terrorist group.


In the following footage, the men can be seen being fitted with explosives and then tasked with suicide missions – including car bomb attacks . The footage was released by a  purported IS network  and shows the Muslim terrorists helping a man out of a vehicle and into his  wheelchair .

This man, who has no legs, is loaded with explosives and interviewed before being wheeled away to complete his mission.


Here is the results of the disabled mans attack in the city of Mosul. Proving once gain that there is no such thing as a disability when it comes to Islamic terrorism. Drone footage shows plumes of smoke rising from the area just moments after the man detonates his bomb.


The accompanying clip also shows the execution of men who are accused of being Iraqi coalition spies. One man is handcuffed before being taken to a rooftop and beheaded. The second man is waterboarded before being drowned as a narrative of his alleged spying activities is played.

This is believed to be the first execution video of 2017. Entitled the ‘The Procession of Light’, it was released on January 3 after a ‘trailer’ clip promoting its release was earlier circulated.

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