Donald Trump Tells Government Elites, “You’re Fired!”

Liberals are going berserk, all because the transition staff of President-elect Donald Trump has issued a a demand to all U.S. Ambassadors that they return home to the U.S., no later than inauguration day. It seems that the Trump Team has decided to play hardball since the Democrats in congress have said they will “Slow Walk” the President elects selections for appointed staff members.

One major Democrat leader, who wished to remain unnamed said that the move by the Donald Trump team was indefensible and would leave the country without representation around the world. But, as usual, that is not exactly true. Embassies are ran, not by the ambassadors, but by professional members of the State Department, civil servants of the U.S. Government. It does not matter if the ambassador is in residence or not, it doesn’t even matter if there is an ambassador


The only duties the Ambassador has is to relay the directives of the President to the heads of state of the country he or she is assigned to and to attend any state funerals and ceremonial dinners as required. All of which can be carried out by a special envoy from the president if needed on a case by case basis. The Ambassadors like all other appointed officials serve at the pleasure of the president, and at 12:20 on the 20th of January, that will be Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is perfectly within the law to require them to be out of the embassies by the time he is installed in office.

Ambassadors owe no allegiance to the incoming President, Donald Trump, the sole requirement for being the ambassador is that they were huge donors to the former presidents campaigns or did political favors for them. In modern times, very few ambassadors where appointed because they were exceptional statesmen. Most of the positions are nothing more than political payoffs to special interests and cronies.

The New York Times says: President-elect Mr. Trump’s mandate — issued “without exceptions,” according to a terse State Department cable sent on Dec. 23, diplomats who saw it said — threatens to leave the United States without Senate-confirmed envoys for months in critical nations like Germany, Canada and Britain. But Donald Trump, has taken a hard line against leaving any of President Obama’s political appointees in place as he prepares to take office on Jan. 20 with a mission of dismantling many of his predecessor’s signature foreign and domestic policy achievements.

When asked for comment, a senior Trump transition official said there was no ill will in the move, describing it as a simple matter of ensuring that Mr. Obama’s overseas appointees leave the government on schedule, just as thousands of political aides at the White House and in federal agencies must do. The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity about internal deliberations, said the ambassadors should not be surprised about being held to a hard end date.


The directive has nonetheless upended the personal lives of many ambassadors, who are scrambling to secure living arrangements and acquire visas allowing them to remain in their countries so their children can remain in school, the diplomats said. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment publicly on the matter.

Ronald E. Neumann, the president of the American Academy of Diplomacy, a Washington-based nonprofit association for former ambassadors and senior diplomats, said it was reasonable to expect ambassadors to return at the end of a term, given that they are direct representatives of the president with broad grants of authority.

When you have people out there whose only reason for being an ambassador is their political connection to the outgoing president of a different party, it’s pretty logical to say they should leave,” said Mr. Neumann, a career Foreign Service officer who held ambassadorships in Algeria, Bahrain and Afghanistan. “But I don’t recollect there was ever a guillotine in January where it was just, ‘Everybody out of the pool immediately.’” But there is a first time for everything, and when a man is elected that has ran on such a radically different platform and promised to rewind the last eight years, it really should not come as any surprise that such an edict was issued. Especially since it pertains to people that function as direct representatives of the President of the United States.

Meanwhile, President elect Trump’s cabinet and top staff are shaping up to be a mix of wealthy outsiders, Republican insiders and former military officers who have been critical of the Obama administration.   As President Obama once said, “elections have consequences,” and this elections seem to be just starting.


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