The Blind Man Who Remembered It All.

HK Derryberry Blind Genius

Abandoned, Blind and Brilliant!

HK Derryberry’s  life started tragically, he was born premature, his mother died during the car crash that brought him into the world too soon. He was born with cerebral palsy and underdeveloped right limbs as a result of a brain bleed. His underdeveloped retinas left him blind, the pressure proved too much for his father who left him abandoned.

The only light in his dark world was his Grandma Pearl.

Pearl Derryberry worked the register at Winner’s Chicken & Biscuits, a place her grandson would often spend his weekends since she couldn’t afford a sitter. A place that would change not only his life but the life of many, and it all started with a cup of coffee.

HK Derryberry Blind Genius

1 Moment Changed Jim Bradford’s Life Forever.

It was October 1999 when Jim Bradford stopped for a cup of coffee and noticed a lonely boy in leg braces staring out the window. It was a life changing moment, and little did he know of the friendship that would develop and change him forever.

Bradford noticed the boys physical differences right away and became curious about the boy. He asked about the boy and heard a little of his tragic history. He made his way over to the child and it was the start of a wonderful life changing friendship.

Jim Bradford would become the male role model, and father figure for the boy. A relationship that led to the discovery of an amazing mind.

HK Derryberry never forgets. The young man literally remembers everything. HK is literally able to remember every detail of his life, a gift that less than 100 people across the globe possess. The medical term for his ability is hyperthymesia, and if you ever meet HK you will understand more about his miraculous gift of memory. The young man can literally tell you what he had for dinner on this day last year.

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The Blind Boy Who Remembered it All

Bradford and Derryberry went on to right a book called “The Awakening of HK Derryberry,” the story of the boy who remembers everything. The duo now tour the country together and HK is thrilled that his purpose is, “to inspire people.”

Jim Bradford is proof that a single moment can change your life forever and for the better.


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