Bernie Sanders’ Wife Says Kaepernick ‘Inspired Respect’ Thru ‘Dignified Stance’


San Francisco 49ers football players awarded their controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick the coveted Len Eshmont Award for his “inspirational, courageous play.” It’s noteworthy that the 49ers had only one win out of sixteen games played this entire season.


The wife of Senator Bernie Sanders, Jane O’Meara Sanders, joined in solidarity with Kaepernick’s teammates regarding the award’s bestowal to the National Anthem protester. According to O’Meara Sanders, Kaepernick “inspired respect” and “focused our thoughts on a need for change” through his dignified stances and rhetoric.

So, bestowing upon Kaepernick an award for launching perhaps the most disrespectful, public smear campaign against our military in modern history now has the blessing of the wife of the man who came closest to unseating Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

This reminds us once again of our incredible fortune that neither Jane O’Meara Sanders, nor Bill Clinton, will serve as first lady of the United States of America.


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