Woman Wakes Up Mysteriously Covered In Bruises, Shocked To Learn Why

When  31-year-old Thea Wilson woke up one morning to find herself completely covered in bruises, she was left in complete shock. The English woman had spent the previous night out with friends, but there was no reason for the bruises, as she says she didn’t have a single drink that night, and had not stumbled or bumped into anything.


“I had no idea where these bruises were coming from,” she explained. “I’d been getting little ones for a few weeks but nothing like that.”

Riddled with dark bruises covering her body, she visited her doctor, who initially diagnosed her with a platelet disorder. Just to be safe, he ordered a blood marrow biopsy, which would end up saving her life.


When the tests came back, it revealed that Wilson was plagued with a rare form of leukemia, affecting only 100 people in the world.

“All of a sudden they told me I had aggressive leukemia, I was a medical emergency, and my hair was going to fall out,” she said.  “When they sat me down and told me I was seriously ill, I didn’t know what to do.”

Wilson was immediately put on an aggressive chemotherapy regimen to cure the cancer, learning that the bruises were caused by her blood’s inability to clot properly.

After six months of treatment, Wilson’s cancer is now in remission.


In retrospect, Wilson realizes that the bruises were a blessing, as any injury to her with her blood’s inability to clot, could have quickly killed her.

“I was so very lucky. If I had fallen running or been kicked by my horse, I could have died.”

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Wilson is now fundraising for the Shropshire Blood Fund Trust, and is determined to go back to her normal life.

“The leukemia could relapse but that won’t stop me living my life,” Wilson said. “The blood unit saved my life so I wanted to give something back by raising money for them.”

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