Woman Threatens Traditional Marriage Supporters With This INSANE Message

Social Media Keyboard Warrior “Lizzie Rice” has been gaining momentum on Facebook as the latest twatwaffle to be exposed in online conservative circles.

Not surprisingly, she has already taken down her status update showing her true colors on what a brave crusader for equality she is.


speechWhile the overall newsworthiness of this low-life nobody sheep from the left is not that high, there lies a deeper problem. The diversity-embracing Libtardian progressives have been successfully boiling the frog of True Liberty and fooling the masses for 100 years.

The culmination of their socialist progressive agendas being rammed down the throats of American citizens and The U.S. Federal Government have led to an ironically hypocritical culture of intolerance with no bounds and complete immunity. Actions such as Miss Lizzie’s here are the example of things to come. Using Freedom of Speech to muzzle Freedom of Speech.

An ever increasing progressive nation, morally corrupt and lost, will not only erode freedoms in the name of protecting freedoms; but begin bullying your liberty. Right at home in front of that keyboard or smart phone in your living room on your couch! Your freedom and security are now at the discretion of morally corrupt, moral judges! Liberty must now lie on the Defense! How anyone cannot see George Orwell’s dystopic book ‘1984’ becoming reality, is now beyond any individual with common sense.

By: Lee Miller

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