Woman SHOCKED To Find Entire Family Living In Her Closet [VIDEO]

A Los Angeles woman was doing her annual spring cleaning, when she suddenly began to hear hissing sounds coming from her closet.

To her horror, when she went to investigate, Tara McVicar found entire family of possums living inside.


In the video, the woman can be seen trying to remove the animal from her closet which is inside of a garbage bag, but each time she gets close, she’s met with angry hisses from the animal.

“Holy crap,” she said after the possum hissed at the broom in its face. “Do not poke the possum.”

After a few minutes, McVicar soon realizes that the possum’s violent reaction towards her is due to the fact that the animal is protecting her brood of babies, so she steps up her attempts to set the family free.

She eventually is able to lure the mother out, after taking half of the baby possums outside.


“She’s coming to judge my cluttered room,” she said to the camera. “No judgment. You’re a marsupial, you can put your clutter in your pouch.”

Luckily for this mama possum, the closet she picked to house her babies belonged to an animal lover. How would your react if you found this family of animals living inside of your closet?

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