Woman MORTIFIED After Going Around For Months With This Plastered On Her License

When Tammy Lemasters moved to Clermont, Florida, she didn’t notice anything amiss with her new driver’s license, until she had to appear in court for a traffic ticket.

That’s when the 42-year-old woman began noticing disapproving looks from the judge and bailiff, and then realized the horrific reason why.

In the bottom corner of her new license, “Sexual Predator” was printed across the bottom, in bold blue capital letters.


“She wanted to be an organ donor, and she came out a sexual predator,” attorney John Phillips said. 

In retrospect, Lemasters began to realize that this wasn’t the first time that people treating her differently.

“[Lemasters] started noticing people were treating her the wrong way,” Phillips said. “[A] hotel wouldn’t let her stay. [She] went to Disney World, the ‘Happiest Place on Earth,’ [and] they said, ‘We can’t let you in the park.’”

Following her embarrassing ordeal, Lemasters has since threatened to sue the Florida DMV, unless they take the steps to ensure that this same debacle doesn’t happen to anyone else.


Tammy Lemasters

“It’s so embarrassing and shouldn’t be something that should have happened,” she said. “They need to change.”

“This isn’t about money at all,” he said. “It’s about preventing it from happening to others.”

The manager of the DMV spoke about the incident, saying that his employees will undergo additional training, and has instructed them to double-check all licenses they issue out.

“We’re just humans doing a human job, and we can make human mistakes,” Mark O’Keefe said.

Lemasters has since been given a new license, as well as an apology, but she wasn’t the first victim of the careless Florida office, who has issued three other such licenses to innocent people, including a blind man.

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How mortifying! I don’t blame her for wanting to sue these idiots!

H/T [Orlando Sentinel]

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