Woman Makes GUT-CHURNING Discovery In Her Sonic Drink

Several restaurant patrons have recently found a little bit more than they expected in the food they purchased, and it’s enough to make anyone’s stomach turn.

In Huntsville, TX, a young woman by the name of Cali Luna took to her Facebook page after making a nauseating discovering in the drink she purchased from her local Sonic.


Pictured here, is what the woman claims to be two inch-long tapeworms that moments ago, had been swimming around in her beverage.

Screenshot 2015-06-04 at 11.01.50 AM

“My fiance went and got me a banana shake from the Sonic, and as soon as he walked in the door, he said ‘I think we have a problem’… so he showed me and sure enough there was a worm, maybe an inch or so long.”

After health officials inspected the restaurant, Sonic issued a statement claiming that what the woman found was nothing more than strings from the banana that was used to make the shake, but Luna still insists that the creatures she found were indeed worms, because they were wiggling around in the bag.

An Australian couple, Neil and Nikki Sanders, had a similar experience after ordering a McDonald’s chicken nugget meal for their four year-old daughter.

According to Nikki, the child refused to take a bite of the meal even before they made the horrifying discovery, so the mother took the first bite and noticed what looked like a worm or maggot wriggling out from the bottom of the nugget.

Screenshot 2015-06-04 at 11.55.55 AM

Nikki said she instantly felt sick to her stomach after seeing this, and was incredibly grateful to the fact that her daughter had initially turned her nose up to ingesting this morsel.

“One good thing has come out of this, though. It’s turned me off processed meat. I’m eating a lot healthier now.”

A man from eastern China was not quite as lucky as these others, however. Complaining from itchy skin and stomach pains, he went to his doctor to see what was causing his ailments. To his horror, the X-ray scans revealed images from a complete nightmare

The entire inside of the man's body was crawling with tapeworms

The X-ray revealed the entire inside of the man’s body was crawling with tapeworms

The X-ray revealed that the man’s entire body was infested with hundreds of tapeworms. The man could have very possibly died from this infection if it was left untreated.

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It is almost to be expected to end up like this after eating large quantities of poorly prepared raw fish, but it is even more expected by patrons visiting these establishments that the people serving them have higher standards of cleanliness while preparing their food.

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