Woman Claims To Have Captured Mythical Creature In Background Of This Photo

Lisa Wildgoose has always believed in the existence of fairies, and after reviewing the photos she took in Bluebell Woods in Towcester, Northampton, England, the 42-year-old woman now says she has the proof to back up her beliefs.


“As a little girl I grew up believing in fairies and ‘Tinkerbell’ is my favorite film so I would love it be a real-life fairy,” she told the Daily Mail. “I don’t know if Tinkerbell would really wear trousers but with the blond hair and shiny shoes it’s too much of a coincidence.”

Astonished at what she captured, she showed her twin 5-year-old girls the photo, who both agreed that what was captured was indeed a tiny fairy.


Lisa Wildgoose with her two daughters

“I was really shocked and freaked out at first. I thought it was probably just a fly, which it might well be, but when the girls saw it, there was no doubt in their mind,” she said. “They don’t have to try and convince me. In their mind their mum has always believed in fairies. They have often asked me if I believe and I always tell them I do — I suppose it’s just the little girl in me that would love it to be true.”

But it’s not just her daughters who agree with her, as others who view the photo also see a fairy in the photo.


“All the mums at the school have said it is a fairy — I think everyone just likes to believe in that bit of magic that reminds them of being a child,” she said. “It certainly made my day capturing the image.”

Personally, I think this woman is full of crap. The fairy would not be wearing “trousers and shoes” as she claims. If this was really a fairy, it would be wearing a tutu weaved from a leaf! Duh!!

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