Woman Bit By Simple House Fly, Days Later Her Flesh Begins To Deteriorate

Woman Bit By Black House Fly, Couple Days Later She Fighting For Her Life

It started out like a normal day for Deborah Charette, as she worked around her garden at her home in Ontario, Canada. Seeing black flies around the yard were a common occurrence, so when one bit her on the chest, she swatted at it, and brushed off as a normal event.

So when she woke up in a hospital bed a couple of days later, she was really confused how she got there. That’s when doctors broke the news that she would have to undergo emergency mastectomy surgery to save her life, as she had contracted the flesh-eating bacteria known as necrotizing fasciitis, that was violently eating away the flesh on her chest.

“They called my husband. He was at home. They called him and said if they didn’t go in and try to operate on me that I wasn’t going to be alive in the morning,” Charette told CBC News.

Doctors explained that the bite from the fly didn’t directly cause her to contract the flesh-eating disease, but the bite created a portal just large enough for bacteria to enter her body, and begin to wreak havoc.

“Sometimes when an individual scratches that bug bite, the protective coating on top of that bug bite comes off … [and] there is a chance of infection,” Lisa Schell with the Sudbury and District Health Unit stated. “Essentially the fly in this particular patient’s case was an indirect cause of her condition. But there is no way for researchers to say for sure how the bacteria was introduced into her body, except for the fact that it was in her chest and the only obvious issue was scratching it after the fly bite.

Immediately following the bite while working in the garden, Charlette began to feel weak, and her condition gradually progressed until she was taken to the hospital. Although contracting the flesh-eating bacteria is rare, her body reacted negatively to the bacteria, which then quickly turned into necrotizing fasciitis.

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Charlette hopes that her experience will bring attention to the disease that can take over the body so quickly.

“I’m lucky because I didn’t die, so I feel it necessary to warn other people about the disease, even though it’s extremely rare,” she said.

How freaky! It’s important to always pay attention to the signs your body gives you, and make sure not to ignore symptoms if something doesn’t feel right.

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