What This Teen Pulled Out Of His Ear Will Make Your SKIN CRAWL

A teenage boy was taken to the hospital after waking up experiencing a serious pain inside his ear. After a little digging around, 14-year old Grant Botti, of Saline County, Arkansas, pulled an enormous centipede out of his ear canal that measured an astounding four inches.


The teens mother, Angela Botti, captured the freakish insect and placed in in a plastic baggy before rushing her son to the nearby hospital. After examining the boy, the emergency room doctor found small abrasions on the young man’s eardrum. After treating him for pain, the boy was released.


The emergency staff at the hospital said that people come in all the time to be treated for foreign objects that are lodged inside ears, but they had never seen anything like this before.

Grant is expected to make a full physical recovery, but the psychological torment of finding something like this inside his body will probably take longer to heal.

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