What This Man Was Cooking Immediately Had Residents Calling 911

Police in New York City received an alarming call from a concerned citizen this past weekend, with the caller claiming that there was a man in the park who was brutally abusing a squirrel.

Upon arrival, officers found the man in question roasting a small animal over one of the park’s barbecue pits on the end of a four-foot long skewer.


Upon further inspection, it turned out that the man was actually grilling up a guinea pig, which is a popular dish called “cuy,” and is considered a delicacy in his hometown in Ecuador.

“He wasn’t holding an animal down and torturing it,” a police source told the New York Daily News. “If he wants to feed on guinea pig that’s his prerogative.”

The man was following all of the parks fire safety and grilling procedures, and no charges were filed.

Wonder if it tastes like chicken?

H/T[pix11, Opposing Views]

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