What This Garbageman Is About To Do To This Dog Will INFURIATE You

A garbageman from Brazil has been fired after he was caught on camera throwing a helpless injured dog into the trash compactor.

Screenshot 2015-06-02 at 12.08.42 PM

Jadsen James Franca had initially hit the dog with the truck, breaking two of its legs. Not quite done yet, the despicable duo then proceeded to chain the helpless animal up by its neck, dragging it into the garbage truck’s compacting chamber.

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Still alive, the animal was slowly crushed, as hundreds of pounds of metal from the machine delivered a slow and painful death.

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What really gets me is that someone witnessed this whole ordeal, but instead of intervening on behalf of the innocent dog, decided to just stand by and snap pictures while the animal was brutally murdered.

How could anyone be so cruel? It takes quite the psychopath to be able to inflict this type of torture to another living being for no valid reason.

H/T [The Daily Mail]

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