Watch: Vigilante Uses Drone to Bust Man With Prostitute

If you think you’re alone, you better look up to be sure. A video is making its rounds online showing how one man used a drone to bust a John and a prostitute.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

Citizen activist and anti-prostitution campaigner Brian Bates has come up with a novel way to bust those engaged in illicit activity on the streets and back alleys of Oklahoma city — video drone witnesses.

Bates has gained national media attention as the “Video Vigilante” for his relentless pursuit and documentation of johns attempting to solicit prostitutes and engage in sex acts with prostitutes…

…Recounting the story to Oklahoma’s News on Six, Bates said “there was a vehicle that had stopped and picked up a female that I knew to be a prostitute, ” said Bates.

“I was fully prepared to just use my camcorder, but it appeared she was being followed by her pimp.” Bates decided to gather evidence of the alleged crime using his drone for safety reasons.

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