Watch These Liberals LIE To Men To Convince Them That They Are Feminists

The term “feminist” has taken on a whole different meaning these days. Feminism was needed years ago when women really were treated like dirt. We have come a long way since then, but liberals choose not to accept that fact. They have perverted the term “feminist”. It now means someone who does NOT want equality. Feminists demand special treatment and extra attention, and they will go to any lengths to get it.

Feminists have become bullies who demand you agree with them, and if you don”t, you will be branded a “pig” or “chauvinistic”. I have been told many times that I am an embarrassment to my gender just because I don”t believe that killing your child makes you “equal” to men. As pro-life feminist Melissa Simmons-Tulin once said, “Women will never climb to equality over the dead bodies of their children.”

I also don”t buy that women make 23% less than men, because that is a lie. That bogus number does not account for differences in occupations, positions, オンライン カジノ education, job tenure, or hours worked per week. The truth is, women make closer to 95% what men make. That 5% isn”t because women are not equal, it is because we make different choices. College majors alone can be used to explain that 5%. Women, far more than men, appear to be drawn to jobs in the caring professions; and men are more likely to turn up in people-free zones.

But exposing the lie that is today”s feminism doesn”t sit well with the left. As you see in this video, feminists try to convince men that they too are part of the feminist facade. They distort the truth by claiming if you support equality, you are a feminist. Anyone who has studied today”s feminism knows that couldn”t be further from the truth.

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Most people support equality, but most people are NOT feminist. Do you know why? Because one has NOTHING to do with the other. It”s 2015, we already have equality, and we even have laws to insure that equality is being enforced. Feminists realize that there is no need for them to exist anymore, and they are panicking. They are forced to make up lies to keep uninformed people convinced that women are still the “victim”. Are there cases where women are treated differently because of their sex, yes. But there are also cases when men are not given the same opportunity as women because they don”t have the “assets” women possess. So when watching this video, keep in mind that what they are saying is a lie. Why would I even post it you ask? Because it”s important to recognize what a liar sounds like under the guise of a “feminist”. Don”t fall for it.

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