Watch Conservative Journalist UNLOAD on Muslims With EPIC Rant

Online journalist Dom The Conservative posted this video of her thoughts on what she calls: “True Islam”.  Dom starts the video out by stating: “I just cannot contain myself on this subject any longer…”

She saved the best for last:

“If you don’t want to believe what’s written down for the past 1400 years, what’s modeled by the prophet…then you’re just following the majority for convenience, hoping they’ll slaughter you last. And you’re part of the problem.”

In a brief interview I had with Dom, she insisted that I share this quote from her:


“We have to stop saying that just because it’s a religion it cannot be evil. We have to wrap our minds around the fact that our enemy isn’t hiding in the shadows. They’re telling us their plan of destruction, and we’d best listen. Never once does Quran say that Islam means peace. Never once does it command Muslims to be merciful to unbelievers who refuse to convert or pay jizya. In fact, 109 times it commands physical violence towards those who refuse to submit to Islam. It is compulsory, obligatory violence from the Quran and the Islamic Prophet Muhammad’s modeling that motivate devout Muslims to pick up the sword and spread Islam through terror. It is not hate speech to point out the hate speech within the Quran. It is a truthful act of self-preservation and our human right and reponsibility that demand we stand up against Islam. Not “radical” Islam, but Islam as it is commanded in the Quran and Hadith — fundamental Islam.” -Dom

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By Lee Miller

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