WATCH: Biker Gangs Run Wild On DC Streets- Cops Powerless to Stop Them

Incidents involving gangs of unruly dirt bikers and motorcyclists running amok in Washington DC have been caught on video. Due to a law restricting DC police for chasing the bikers, they have been breaking the law with impunity.

Daily Caller News Foundation reports:

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has a strict “no chase” policy, which stops police from giving chase to criminals on dirt bikes. The thinking behind the policy is that chasing suspects will create a more serious risk to citizens than just letting them go, and police can catch them later.

The reality, however, is that with police officers’ hands tied, illegal dirt bikers are free to ride when and where they want with complete disregard for the law.

Sunday night, two videos surfaced on YouTube showing exactly how these marauding dirt bike gangs operate.

The first video, uploaded Sunday evening, shows a gang of more than 100 dirt bikers and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) riders flying down a popular stretch of 14th Street Northwest, running a red light and weaving through traffic — several riders nearly get struck by a turning car.

Here is the first of two videos capturing the chaos that nearly results in a serious accident.

But that wasn’t all.

Watch a different gang of bikers nearly shut down I-495 in the video below.

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