Viewer Discretion Advised: Mob of 100 Black Men Attack Police and Beat a White Man Bloody 2015-07-06 00-32-37


The scene was out of control Saturday night when a mob of people gathered for a Fourth of July hip hop and electronica concert in Cincinnati’s Fountain square.

According to Cincinnati enquirer, a fight broke out in the crowd during the commotion, and a police officer on Fountain Square went to make an arrest . As the officer attempted to make the arrest, a man in the crowd struck him in the face, busting his lip. Parts of the crowd continued to grow disorderly after this. The most unruly group, police estimate, was made up of around 50 to 100 individuals. Some people in the crowd began throwing objects – fireworks, glass bottles and other items, police said.

Officers yelled “get back” as a group gathered around. A video showed one individual shoved backward by police but remained confrontational as other people moved in to hold him back.

More units were called from around the city to the scene . As more units arrived, a glass bottle was thrown from the crowd and struck another police officer below his eye.

In the middle of all the chaos a white male was attacked and beaten, as seen in the first video below. Groups of black people laughed as he lay unconscious on the pavement. The video is graphic and so is the language, viewer discretion is advised. If you have trouble viewing the first video. it can also be seen HERE.  There is also another video news report about the attack that can be viewed below it.



By the end of the incident, two people were tased and seven were arrested, four adults and three juveniles between the ages of 16 and 23.

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No charges have been filed from the assault on the white male, but police said an investigation is underway.

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