[VIDEO] Angry Biker Gets INSTANT Karma After Cutting Off And Cursing Driver

A belligerent cyclist seemed to get an instant dose of karma, after he flipped off and cursed a driver who nearly crashed into him.

The footage, shot from a camera mounted to the cyclist’s helmet, shows the moment that he attempts to pass another cyclist riding in front of him, immediately before the bike lane is about to end.

As he attempts to veer around the other man on a bike, he comes directly into traffic, nearly causing a collision with the car driving behind him.

Screenshot 2015-06-10 at 7.54.13 AM

Apparently startled, the driver immediately honks, which then prompts the cyclist to turn his head and respond with a loud  “F**k off!,” while raising a middle finger salute.

But when he turns back around, he instantly hits a pole, sending him flying.


“Idiot, gets passed by a cyclist and speeds up just to overtake even tho he was slower, doesn’t look before overtaking and doesn’t signal,” one Reddit viewer responded. “Then proceeds to swear at a rightfully pissed of driver and finally crashes into a curb because he is incapable of riding a bike properly, and to top it all off he uploads it. I am speechless.”

Hopefully this pole taught him the valuable lesson that you cannot just veer into traffic while on a bicycle, and expect to have the right away.

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