Vets home vandalized with Anti-Military Filth, but Patriotism prevails like you wouldn’t believe

Cassie McEuen

Cassie McEuen

We all know that those on the left can be extreme when it comes to their anti-military sentiments, but Army reservist Cassie McEuen of Evanston, Wyoming had no idea what kind of hate she was about to encounter when she woke up and walked outside her home.

Her walls were vandalized beyond belief with black spray paint. Vile words were written attacking her for her choice to serve and defend the country we love. Horrific comments like “die for what?” and “f*** the military”,were painted across the front of her home and even on the windows.



Surprisingly, McEuen kept a positive outlook, and even had a sense of humor when she posted the images on Facebook, with this message:

I’ve been attacked, and the vandal can’t spell. Apparently I’m a ‘soilder’ instead of soldier.



Evanston Mayor, Kent Williams, was disgusted by the news. “This makes no sense,” he said. “It’s something we can’t get our minds around right now.  I’m without words.”

Williams informed residents that police are investigating the vandalism “as aggressively as any crime.

“It’s absolutely out of character for our little community,” he said.  “I’d like to believe we’re as patriotic as any community can be.  This kind of thing just isn’t us.”

And he was right, the community is truley patriotic and caring. After news spread about what happened, residents from the own joined together to help Cassie McEuen.

Local businesses even paid for the cleaning supplies. Others provided food for the volunteers.


McEuen was offered hundreds in donations, but she refused to take any money fr her personal expenses. Instead, she wrote a message on her Facebook wall that read,

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“There is no go fund me account, and that’s ok I am able to work and eventually I will earn the money I need. There is a donation fund for a reward to capture the vandal and once donations have met the limit of the reward the extra money collected will go to a charity I picked called Grace After Fire. The charity helps women veterans help themselves.”


Now THAT is what a true American patriot looks like. I think we could all learn from Army reservist Cassie McEuen. God bless her and those who serve, and God bless the great people of this country who support them.


photos from IJ Review

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