Trump’s Recent Comments in an Anderson Cooper Interview Just ENRAGED the Looney Left [WATCH]



Donald Trump stunned liberals again with remarks made in Wednesday nights interview with Anderson Copper. Trump may be outraging the left, but he has those on the right revved up and ready to fight for America. His straight and honest answers to questions has voters intrigued to say the least. His interviews in the past have caused quite a stir and this one also didn’t disappoint.

Most of the interview was focused on immigration due to Trump’s recent comments on illegal immigrants committing crimes in this country. It baffles me that someone can be attacked just for stating the obvious. Murderers and rapists ARE crossing our border in record numbers. It’s about time a candidate tackled that issue seriously.

When asked about allegations of illegals working at his businesses he had an honest response. He said that he didn’t know, then he brought up the fact that there are 35 million illegals in this country, so how could anyone know for sure. He told Anderson that he hires the best people to make sure illegals are not being hired, and if the allegations are true, he will immediately fire the illegal immigrant.

What was especially refreshing were his comments on ISIS. Trump said he would “attack the various oil sites controlled by ISIS.” He went on to say, “I would bomb the hell out of those oil fields. I wouldn’t send many troops because you won’t need them by the time I’m finished.” You’ll notice that a CNN commentator completely twists his statement on ISIS saying that Trump just called to invade Iraq. Anyone with intelligence knows that is NOT what he was saying at all.

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Some may say that he is overconfident, but we need a strong no nonsense approach when dealing with our enemies. Compared to president Obama last week saying that guns will not defeat our enemies, Trumps views have the fortitude we need right now.

The only question Trump didn’t have a solid answer for was when Anderson Cooper asked about previous donations Trump gave to Hillary Clinton and Democrats. Trump kinda laughed it off saying “everybody loves me” and that’s how you become a successful business man.

Love him or hate him, Trump is igniting passion in Americans. Passion that is needed to, as he would say, “make this country great again”. The full interview can be seen below.


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