Trump: Banning Muslim Immigration is About Security, Not Religion

Donald Trump appeared on ABC’s “Live with Kelly & Michael” to discuss the controversy surrounding his proposed banned on Muslim immigration. The GOP presidential candidate insists it isn’t about religion, just security.

The Daily Caller writes:

Co-host Michael Strahan asked Trump “you said about banning Muslims from coming to the country was that something that you think would be adopted or could be adopted? Or is that something that you just said to be outrageous?

“No, no, not to be outrageous,” Trump insisted. “Look, we have a problem in this country. The World Trade Center happened to come down, and lots of other things have happened. Then last week, you had the terrible shooting in California, and frankly a lot of people knew that was going to happen. A lot of people knew he had those guns and the rifles and the bombs. Bombs all over the apartment. One person saw the bombs, said, ‘Oh, gee, I didn’t want to racially profile. I thought it would be incorrect to be racially profile.’”

…Kelly Ripa followed up, “But wouldn’t a ban on Muslims, wouldn’t it violate the Constitution’s, you know, freedom of religion?”

Trump retorted, “No, because … these are people that are not in the country. I mean, the people who are already in the country, they’re in the country. We’re not talking about them. These are the people that are outside of the country, so we’re really not talking about the Constitution.”

“And it’s not about religion. This is about safety. This has nothing to with religion. It’s about safety,” Trump reiterated.

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