I have always loved my country, that’s why I was so excited when Obama came into office promising to change it. I decided to make a list of 10 reasons why I support Democrats so much. I hope you enjoy it….

10.) I vote Democrat because I want the government out of my sex life, unless they are paying for my birth control.

9.)  I vote Democrat because I believe voter I.D laws are racist, but telling black people they aren’t as capable as white people to get an I.D is not.

 8.) I vote Democrat because we are the party of tolerance, unless you say something I disagree with.

 7.) I vote Democrat because I support Freedom of Speech, as long as no one is offended by it, of course.

 6.) I voted Democrat because I live in a gated community for protection, but I believe a border fence won’t work.

 5.) I vote Democrat because I think Fox News lies, and I get all of my news from Comedy Central.

 4.) I vote Democrat because I think American citizens don’t need to own guns, but I’m perfectly fine with Iraq having Nukes.

 3.) I vote Democrat because all republicans are racist, even though Democrats started the KKK and Jim Crow laws.

2.) I vote Democrat because I was against the Iraq war, so I’m going to vote for Hillary Clinton, a woman who voted yes to invading Iraq.

and finally, the number one reason I vote Democrat is…

1.) I vote Democrat because I’m against Christians who don’t agree with the gay lifestyle, but I won’t say a damn word about Muslims who kill gay people everyday. 

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