Thug’s Reason for Killing a White Grandfather Explained in 4 CHILLING Words

There was an alarmingly simple reason that Jeremiah Bell beat a white 54-year-old grandfather to death with a baseball bat at the end of April.


Jeremiah Bell

He wasn’t black.

Authorities say the 22-year-old black man from San Bernardino County, Calif. left his apartment searching for “anybody who wasn’t black,” when he encountered Armando Barron, who was on his way home from the grocery store.


Armando Barron

Eyewitness to the brutal murder was Javier Hernandez, who lives across the street from where the attack happened. When he shouted at Bell to stop, the aggressor then tossed the bat and fled the scene.

Another neighbor caught the attack on a home security camera, which helped authorities identify the suspect.

The beloved grandfather’s family has since launched an online campaign in order to raise funds for his medical and funeral expenses.

“Our father was a loving and noble person, who was tragically assaulted based on the color of his skin,” they say on the website. “He taught us to be loving and see beyond color.”

Neighbors expressed their horror, as their neighborhood has typically been a peaceful place.

“For whatever reason,” said resident Ron Carty, who has lived in the neighborhood for 20 years, some people “get up in the morning and decide they’re going to do something to someone.”

Bell has since been arrested, where he is being held on $1-million bail, and will be back in court June 9.

Obama’s America….he must be so proud.

H/T [LA Times]


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