This man does something SICKENING when schoolgirls reject his sexual advances

It takes a certain kind of psycho to do what this man did to innocent schoolgirls who were simply minding their own business. Sangita Magar, 16, and Sima Basnet, 15, were studying at a school in Kathmandu when 20 year-old Jiwan BK ran up on the girls and poured acid all over both of their bodies. The teenagers described the feeling as an ‘intense burning’, and tried to pour water on their faces to try and stop their skin from melting.

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According to police, Jiwan claimed that he was infatuated with Sangita, one of the victims, and wanted to disfigure her as an act of revenge after she rejected his romantic advances.
Jiwan formed this obsession with Sangita when he was a tenet in the girl’s building. Both girls suffered severe chemical burns to their faces, torsos and legs.



Chameli Magar, Sangita’s mother, added that the ‘coward’ had ruined her daughter’s life and she hoped he would either die in jail or hanged. Sadly, that won’t be the case. The laws of Nepal say that a person who uses acid on others will only suffer a sentence between 2 month and three years, depending on the severity of the injuries.

These poor girls will be scarred for life, and the psychotic man who attacked them might be on the streets before his next birthday. It isn’t all bad news however, the photos of the victims have sparked outrage across the country. Hundreds of people have begun protests to convince the government to come up with stringent laws to deter acid attackers from committing such heinous crimes.

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Jiwan BK was arrested March 19th in front of an angry mob. He fainted while being dragged through the crowd by police. The area’s police chief Pushka Karki has now said: ‘The attacker will appear in court on Sunday, he did not resist the arrest.




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