This HOT Reporter is Suing Fox Sports for Discrimination

How could anyone look at Colleen Dominguez and think she doesn’t belong in front of a camera? Apparently the sexy reporter was sidelined at her job at Fox Sports because she was too old. Craziness!


Dominguez learned from other employees that management was concerned with how she “looked” on camera. One longtime FOX producer sent Dominguez a text message stating “you haven’t done anything wrong at all. Just because 5 men at a company want to be gratified by 24 year old women doesn’t make you bad at your job.” Dominguez was also told by a supervisor that “we [FOX] don’t handle veteran female reporters very well.”

Dominguez has also been told that FOX management instructed a FOX producer to cut video of Dominguez’s face and body for a management meeting and that this request has never been made for any other employee.

h/t Deadspin

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