The 10 Phrases NEVER Spoken By a Navy Seal, And Neither Should You!

Theres a reason that Navy SEALs are able to get to the badass level theyre at, and a lot of it has to do with their mental outlook on things. A former SEAL spoke to Entrepreneur in a recent article, outlining the certain phrases that you will NEVER hear a Navy SEAL Utter. Ever.


1. I cant do that.

If somebody had said this in the team room then he wouldve found himself cold, wetand ducttaped. Unless a physical handicap is present, replace your can or cant, with will or wont. Theres always a way. Find it.

2. Sorry Im late.

You dont hear this in a culture of accountability because expectations are set, and if theyre not met then there are repercussions. Not to say that expectations dont change, but its not for a lack of effort in fulfilling them.

3. I dont know.

While admitting uncertainty is perfectly fine, the statement alone leaves much to be desired. Instead, try sayingI dont know yet, but Ill find out and get back to you. This latter part is what demonstrates a proactive mindset and a willingness to work, rather than leaving your ambition open to interpretation.

4. Im going to HR.

Nobody cares. Unless the issue is illegal, immoralor unethical, solve the problem yourself. HR is there to facilitate company strategy, not arbitrate turf wars between employees.

5. Schedule it with my EA.

While not all SEAL Teams are created equally, there is an equal dispersion of accountability that team members are expected to uphold. Namely, if you take care of your personal business then your personal business will take care of you when it counts. Having unpacked (emotional) baggage only gets heavier the longer you carry it around.

6. Im sorry I hurt your feelings.

Feelings? Whats that?

7. Lets talk this out.

There is nothing like the camaraderie between SEALs. Nothing else even comes close to paralleling the tight bond, unityand cohesion found amongst men who live, eat, trainand fight together. Having said that, some people just need a good whoopin once in a while to keep egos in check, and teammates are no different. Confronting difficult issues and learning from them is what turns mediocrity into greatness.

8. Hold my calls.

The train doesnt stop for you. Get on or get off, but you are no more important than the guy (or gal) next to you. Once youre done with your share of the task, see who else needs help.

9. Lets hold off on this issue until the next meeting.

Im all for collecting the facts, but nothing decides itself. There comes a point where too much data leads to analysis paralysis, and decision-making gets delayed until the elegant solution arrives — and it never does. Pushing off decision-making authority or accountability only leaves a larger snowball of complexity to have to deal with later.

10. I just found this awesome PowerPoint template!

Everybodys primary weapon is different — carpenters use hammers, chefs use ingredients, announcers use their voice. Whatever your weapon of choice, make sure its always ready to go because second chances dont come by too often

Sounds like a great list of things NOT to say! Give the track record of our country’s premiere warriors, perhaps it’s time to start paying attention to what makes them successful, and adopt it in our personal and professional lives!

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