Teen Takes Shortcut Near Home, What She Encountered Made Her PANIC

An 18-year-old motorist made a nearly fatal error when she made a left-turn down a street near her home in Berlin, Germany. The street, aptly named “Panzerringstrasse,” or “Tank Ring Street,” had a convoy of 62-ton tanks driving towards her in the opposite direction.



The woman, who had just gotten her learner’s permit, says she did not see the line of tanks when she was making the turn.

The driver of the tank was unable to stop in time and drove completely over the hood of her car. Luckily, no one was injured, but the damage to the Toyota ended up being well over $13,000.

The teen was unharmed in the incident. The area is near at least two British military bases.

“The street was built for heavy military vehicles near a large training facility,” police spokesman Lars Ridderbusch stated. “The street is known among locals as a shortcut.”

It’s incredible that this driver made it out alive!


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