Sheriff’s Deputy Jumps Onto Moving Semi-Truck to Save Unconscious Driver

In the movies police officers can often be invincible. Hero cops go through things that would destroy most men. But in real life doing something like jumping onto a moving vehicle is a good way to get seriously injured or killed.

That doesn’t stop this officer who puts his safety on the line to save the driver of this semi-truck. Just another example of our men and women in uniform going above and beyond.

Nebraska police were called because of a semi-truck driving erratically. During the chase, Madison County Deputy Todd Volk pulled up beside the truck and saw the driver didn’t look well. Realizing something was terribly wrong, he sped ahead, got out of his cruiser, and had just enough time to literally jump onto the side of the truck door and open it.

Thankfully, he was able to hit the brakes, and saved the life of the driver who was having a diabetic reaction. The entire scene was captured one a police cruiser’s dash camera.

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