SHOCKING: Protesting Taxi Drivers Block Ambulance On Highway

Toronto taxi drivers are pissed off about Uber and the confrontations are getting more visibly ugly. Now disturbing video shows how a taxi driver blocked an ambulance on a highway.

CBC News reports on the protest:

Sajid Mugha, of the iTaxi Workers Association, told CBC News the taxi driver’s behaviour is “unacceptable,” but said the video “illustrates the frustration of our drivers.”

“If someone was stealing your food, how would you feel?” Mugha said.

Mugha said the taxi group is attempting to contact the driver to speak with him, and in no way endorses this behaviour.

Uber Canada also condemned the altercation.

“We were alarmed to see this act of taxi aggression against Toronto Uber users,” said Uber’s Susie Heath in an email to CBC News.

The company also criticized the citywide taxi protest, saying: “rather than blocking the roads and causing fear and frustration, we believe that open collaboration is the best path forward.”


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