Veteran BLASTS Girl Who Posted Facebook Rant Against Soldiers

When you’re attempting to point out someone’s lack of intelligence on Facebook, it’s always a good idea to spell-check your rant. Otherwise, you will wind up looking like the one who is the “edumacated” one.

Such was the case with coffee shop Claire, who attempted to post a tirade against all military members, but in the process wound up looking like a complete fool.

What’s fun, is if actually dissect her nonsensical rant apart once sentence at a time, you’ll see just how many grammatical errors it hilariously contains. But perhaps even more hilarious, is seeing veteran Steve’s response, as he completely destroys her in his response.


Summed up nicely, was Bam Margara’s response to the post, as coffee shop Claire was someone off his Facebook friends list:

“There are people that think a high majority of our service men and women are uneducated morons who couldn’t find a job out of high school or college and just joined the forces. Although there are some people in the military that joined out of high school because they couldn’t get into college, that in no way means they are uneducated.

It especially doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of the local single-mother working at a coffee stand after dropping out of high school. Servicemen and women are actually better than her in almost every single way… even better than a lot of other people that chose an alternative route. Joining the forces is a very demanding and difficult life choice that everyone that choses it should be recognized, appreciated and respected. Hopefully Claire learned this lesson, or maybe absorbed the fact that she needs to read a book or two herself. She clearly lacks in the intellect department, but she doesn’t think it is her fault when she messes up a coffee order.”

I love it!!! Now help make her famous, and spread the story!

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