Principal Prays with Christian Students in Voluntary Prayer Group, School Reacts RIDICULOUSLY!


This story is not your average ” religion being taught in the classroom” story. We all know that liberals go crazy when Jesus is brought up in any way in public schools. They are still doing everything possible to get “Under God” taken out of the pledge of allegiance. You know, because staying quiet during that part of the pledge is just too traumatic for liberals. It makes better sense to have everyone else change the way they have been doing things for decades to appease them. But in this case, a principal was just filling in for a VOLUNTARY Christian group, and he was still punished for his actions.

From Fox insider:

A Georgia high school principal says he was fired after he read the Bible and prayed with a group of students during a volunteer Christian group meeting.

Manchester High School principal Dr. Michael Lehr reportedly was just filling in for the leader of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization during a meeting.

Regardless, the school district superintendent put him on indefinite administrative leave just two days after the meeting and informed him that his contract would not be renewed.

“I want prayer in this school,” outraged parent Angila Waddell said. “I am proud to see our football team take a knee and pray before and after games. And also in clubs. And we’re just shocked.”

Lehr is reportedly now focused on finding on a new job in order to support his family.

We need to rally behind this man, and not let this school get away with this. It’s one thing bring up religion in the classroom when students don’t have a choice to be there or not, but that isn’t the case here at all.  Are we going to allow Christians to be punished for praying with other Christians? How much more can we take?

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