Polygamist Uses “Marriage Equality Act”, and Proves Traditional Marriage Defenders Right



Liberals said conservatives were being ridiculous when they claimed that the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage wouldn’t  simply stop at gay marriage, but it looks like conservatives were right.

A Montana man is using the very same gay marriage law to demand he receive a marriage license for himself and his two wives.

Nathan Collier and his two wives, Vicki and Christine, said they are simply looking for equality. Nathan is legally married to Vicki, but also wants to legally wed Christine. Nathan and Christine traveled to the Yellowstone County Courthouse to see if they would be awarded the right to marry under the Marriage Equality Act.

“We just want to add legal legitimacy to an already happy, strong, loving family,” said Nathan.

As the two filled out their marriage application they were met with questions.

“There’s a spot on there where you put the dissolution date of your previous marriage and we put ‘not applicable,'” said Christine.

The clerk was surprised by the application and first told them that they would be denied. “As far as I’m aware you can’t be married to two people at the same time,” he said.

“It’s two distinct marriages, it’s two distinct unions, and for us to come together and create family, what’s wrong with that?” said Christine. “I don’t understand why it’s looked upon and frowned upon as being obscene.”

The clerk later returned to tell the couple that they would have to check with the Montana Attorney General’s office. Media outlets questioned the Attorney General’s office about the request, but they just pointed them to Montana law which states polygamy is illegal.

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Nathan isn’t planning to let this go either, if he isn’t granted the right to marry, he’s planning to file a lawsuit.

“All we want is legal legitimacy. We aren’t asking anybody for anything else. We just want to give our marriage and our family the legitimacy that it deserves,” said Nathan.

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