Pizzeria Owner Reveals Plans for the $842,000 Raised in Donations, LGBT Crowd Will Be FURIOUS!



Intolerant liberals did their best to take down the family of a small pizzeria after they stood up for their Christian beliefs, but it completely backfired. When a reporter asked a hypothetical question to “Memories” pizza owner, Kevin O’Connor and his daughter Crystal, about whether they would cater a gay wedding, they answered honestly. They explained that they would never discriminate or refuse service in their restaurant to gay people, but it would go against their religion to participate in a gay wedding.

Once LGBT bullies caught wind of their response, the hate erupted. The O’Connor family was bombarded with death threats, pornographic pictures of gay men on their YELP page and liberal protests outside the restaurant. The intolerance for their Christian beliefs got so out of control, the O’Connor’s temporarily had to shut their doors.

It all looked hopeless until a GoFundMe page was set up for Memories pizza and Christians from around the world began to donate. In an amazing turn of events, the O’Connor family who was once wondering how they were going to put food on the table, were now the recipients of $842,000 in donations.

So what are they going to do now that they are nearly millionaires? Mr. O’Connor says that as much as his little pizza parlor could use all that money, he and his daughter plan to share their new-found wealth with the Christian community.

They revealed they are set to share their new fortune with disabled children, a women’s help group, firefighters, police trusts, Christian churches, and Washington florist Barronelle Stutzman, 70, who was fined after declaring she would not serve a gay wedding.

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You may recall that the elderly florist was slapped with a $1,000 fine last month after she declined to sell flowers for the 2013 wedding of longtime gay customers. A judge ruled that Stutzman, a Christian with deeply-held religious beliefs, violated the Washington state law against discrimination.

It looks like all of the hate and TRUE intolerance from the left only helped Christians and Christian organizations grow stronger.

When asked if all the controversy and attacks from the LGBT mafia, changed his perception of gay marriage Kevin O’Connor simply answered,

“‘If any child of mine came out as gay and entered into a gay marriage, I would still love them, but Daddy wouldn’t be going to the wedding.’”



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