Pissed Off Master Sergeant Delivers a POWERFUL Message Everyone Needs To Hear…



Listening to some of these “protesters”, we haven’t heard a lot of rational thinking. We have seen a lot of selfish thugs use any excuse they can to act like animals. They do nothing but blame others for their own choice to be unsuccessful in life. It’s because the system is racist, it’s because the police are unfair, it’s because my skin is the wrong color. Whatever the reason, you will never hear one of these protesters get honest and speak the truth.

That’s why it was so refreshing to hear this man on CNN. One man decided to take a stand against his own neighborhood.  Robert Valentine, a Vietnam veteran, took to the streets of Baltimore amid utter chaos and urged rioters to go home. He said the violent rioters do not “respect” the death of Freddie Gray or the family’s feelings. Gray died of a serious spine injury while in police custody, sparking unrest in Baltimore.

“Here’s number one: I did 30 years, OK? I came out a master sergeant. I’ve seen more than all of this. I’ve been through the riots already,” Valentine told CNN. “This right here is not relevant. They need to have their butts at home. They need to be in their home units with their families studying and doing something with their life — not out here protesting about something that’s not really about nothing.”

He continued: “They do not respect this young man’s death, you know? Now, momma and daddy done lost a child — that could be them. So, I’m very pissed.”

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When asked if he was concerned about his own safety, Valentine replied, “I love my country, I love my charmed city.”

“And I’m an American,” he added. “I’m not black, white, red or yellow — nothing. I am an American.”

God bless this veteran, and lets hope that he inspires more to stand up for their city, and their country.


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