[PICS] Woman Who Thinks She’s A Pirate Wreacks INSANE Havoc

Nearly comatose from from her drug and alcohol-induced stupor, Alison Whelan thought it would be fun to act out a scene from her favorite move, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Setting her sites on a 45-foot docked vessel, Whelan  untied the boat while she screamed, “I’m Jack Sparrow!” as she began to float upstream.

Whelan and her accomplice, Tristam Locke, had been up on a 2-day binge of alcohol and high on a poisonous plant called “nightshade,” when they decided it would be fun to untie the 100-passenger ferry on the River Dart in Devon, England.

Alison Whelan, AKA Captain Jack Sparrow

Alison Whelan, AKA Captain Jack Sparrow

As the crazed woman continued to shout things like “What are you going to do now?” and “I’m a pirate!” over 30 police, ambulances, and coastguard officials attempted to chase her down, in a mission that would last over an hour.

“The amount of people called out to recover the boat and the damage caused to other vessels made it quite an expensive night,” Police Constable Clare Pearson commented.

Authorities eventually caught the duo, but not before causing extensive damage to the vessel and surrounding boats. She was sentenced to 112 days in jail for “aggravated vehicle taking.”

Sounds like whatever this woman was on, was some pretty good Sh*t!

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