[PICS] Man Awaiting Birth Of Quintuplets Receives UNFATHOMABLE News

An excited would-be father from Quebec received a heartbreaking surprise on delivery day when the doctor informed him that the quintuplets his girlfriend had supposedly been carrying for 34 weeks, never existed in the first place.


Paul Servat and his girlfriend, Barbara Bienvenue had been planning for the arrival of not just their first child, but their first five children. All the preparations were in place, from cribs, to clothes, diapers and swings.

Many people in their lives also shared the excitement- even strangers who had heard of their story showered them with gifts for their new bundles of joy.

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Barbara had all the signs of pregnancy: swelling belly, contractions, she had even started lactating.

All of this excitement was about to turn to heartbreak, however, when Paul received the shocking news from the nurse in the delivery room- Barbara had been faking the entire time.

“We were so happy,” Paul said. “Even my parents, they were so looking forward to having grandchildren. I lost my whole life.”


Geneviève Laflamme, a mother of triplets, who had become friends with the couple during the alleged “pregnancy,” said that she had become suspicious of Barbara when the number of babies she claimed to be carrying continued to change. First it was just one, then two, then finally five.

While some speculate that Barbara may have experienced a phantom pregnancy, Dr. Haim Abenhaim, an OBGYN, concludes that she had been suffering from pseudocyesis, a condition where all of the symptoms of a pregnancy are present, even when the woman was never actually with child.

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According to family members, this isn’t the first time Barbara has tried to pull something like this. Apparently, she has lied in the past about having cancer, and also about giving birth to twins.

Barbara is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation while her deeply disappointed lover is busy returning the mountains of baby gifts they had received.


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