[PICS] Alaskans HORRIFIED As Monster-Like Fish Fall From Sky

Citizens in Fairbanks, Alaska have witnessed a rather unsettling sight in their town this past week. Foot-long sharp-toothed sea creatures have been mysteriously falling from the sky and landing in parking lots, local streets, and even some front yards.

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These horrifying looking creatures are complete with fangs, circular layers of sharp teeth, and what appears to be a human-like eyeball in the center of their mouths.

According to one of the locals that witnessed the phenomenon, it’s “unusual for a fish that’s seldom seen in the water up here.”

These freakish looking “sea monsters” are actually what is called Arctic lampreys (Lethenteron camtschaticum). They are a parasitic eel-like fish that can grow up to 15 inches in length.


The most likely explanation for this particular fish raining out of the sky, comes from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, which speculates that these creatures were probably picked up out of the water by seagulls and then lost their grip over the populated areas of town.

How freaky! If one of these landed on me, I’m not quite sure how I would react.


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