Parents FLIP After Teacher Gives Quiz Asking Students If They’d Get An Abortion


Whether you’re Pro-life or Pro-choice, the decision to get an abortion is a personal one, but that isn’t the case for a school in Edmond Oklahoma. Parents of students at Edmond Santa Fe High School were shocked to find out that their children were given a quiz asking if they would get an abortion in certain circumstances.

The assignment was an optional exercise for students distributed by the school’s biology teachers as a way to spark discussion about human genetic disorders.

The first question, according to

You’ve found out that the child you (or your wife) caries has the gene for dwarfism. A new therapy exists that may repair this gene before the child is born. What do you do?

  1. Allow the child to be born with the gene, and we will accept the child as is.

  2. Attempt the new therapy to repair the gene.

  3. Terminate pregnancy.


The Facebook page Oklahoma Parents and Educators for Public Education. exploded with comments.  “Abortion is a subject many parents would rather discuss with their children,” one post said, “It is more than just an ethics question.”

Another post was centered more towards politics,    “That’s not education but indoctrination.  Don’t teach kids to be Democrats or Republicans,”

District spokeswoman Susan Parks-Schlepp told KFOR students were not required to fill out the quiz if they felt uncomfortable, and most did not participate. Students told the news site that they’re concerned about discussing abortion in class because it’s such a divisive issue.

According to one liberal website,, the reason students were not comfortable talking about their abortion decision is because of conservative pro-life advocates.

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“Why are students afraid of their peers finding out their beliefs when it comes to abortion, even in something as non-threatening as a classroom exercise on medical ethics and genetics?” the site questions. “Because abortion and even basic sex education has been so ostracized from a regular high school curriculum that just the vague mention of it has students believing that something inappropriate is being talked about.”

Converted pro-life advocate, Carol Everett, earned a living in the profitable abortion industry at one time in her life. Now, she exposes what she learned about sex education in public schools.

Public school sexual education programs run by pro-choice groups “break down the natural modesty (of students), they separate them from their parents and their values … and they eventually give them low-dose birth control pills they know they’ll get pregnant on” She said. “They don’t tell parents what they’re doing.”

“It’s more deceptive than people realize,” Everett said. “The abortion industry sells and re-sells their product.  “Our goal was three to five abortions per student for every student we could get.”

Teachers at Edmond High School claim that they were only trying to “encourage critical
thinking.”  The district will review the biology class exercise and decide if it is appropriate to continue asking the abortion question.

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