SHOCKING New ISIS Video Appears To Show A Young Child Soldier Executing Two Men



If there is anyone left who questions just how evil Islamic extremism is, this video will have them convinced. The video was published by official ISIS propaganda arm Al-Hayat Media on Tuesday and shared widely by pro-ISIS Twitter accounts. It shows a young child, maybe 9 or 10 years of age, executing two Russian men who confess in the video that they were recruited to spy on the group by the FSB, the successor agency to the KGB.

The video appears to show the young ISIS militant shooting the gray-clad men in the back of the head with a pistol. A bearded, Russian-speaking militant stands next to the boy and pronounces a death sentence for the men. “And we say to all those tempted by their inner selves to spy on the secrets of the Muslims and mujahedin that we will not have any leniency or mercy towards them,” the man says.

Questions have been raised, however, about the video possibly being staged. No blood or entry wounds appear when the boy seemingly fires the gun, prompting the men to fall limply to the ground.

The first man introduces himself as 38-year-old Dzhambulat Mamaev. He said that he is a Kazakh national recruited by the FSB to gain access to a top ISIS leader. He explains that his plan was to steal information from the leader’s computer.


The second man says he is Russian and his name is Sergei Ashimov. He claims the FSB sent him to assassinate the top ISIS leader, although he never gives the leader’s name.

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The boy in this video previously appeared  in an ISIS propaganda film showing the training of child soldiers in Kazakhstan.



ISIS has been known to recruit children and “show them off” as killers. Most think they are used for shock value, but those children also receive constant and powerful indoctrination in ISIS values.  According to a U.N. report from November 2014, ISIS “prioritizes children as a vehicle for ensuring long-term loyalty, adherence to its ideology and a cadre of devoted fighters that will see violence as a way of life.” ISIS has built an army of children who have been trained so intensely, they are even more deadly than the adults.


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