Nebraska Man Puts Muslims On Warning With This INCREDIBLE Message

In epic footage coming out of Nebraska, a man by the name of Mike Dankert is sending a blatant message to all Muslims, showing exactly what will become of them if they impede on his First Amendment rights.

Decked out in a NRA hat with an AR-15 in hand, Dankert begins the video with a quick introduction, then pans to the art he created of the prophet Muhammad, which is taped to the side of his house.



Encouraging other Americans to practice their right to free speech and back it up with the Second Amendment if necessary, Dankert then gives all people with the name “Abdullah” the following message.

“So, if there’s anybody out there named, this (holding a bottle with the name “Adullah” on it), that would like to cut my head off because of the cartoon contest, I’ll be ready.”

Dankert then pulls back the charging handle on his AR, chambering a round. All that is heard next is the sound of freedom, as a round goes straight through the bottle, sending it to smithereens.



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