Muslims Take Out BRUTAL Revenge On Orphanage For RIDICULOUS Reason

The religion of peace and its faithful followers have struck again, this time targeting a Christian pastor and his orphanage in Uganda.

Pastor Kisa Emmanuel Amos became a target of the Islamists in the area, after three Muslim women heard his Christian radio program, and decided to convert to Christianity.


Pastor Kisa Emmanuel Amos of Believer’s World Church and manager of the Zion Children’s Haven orphanage

But after the women’s husbands found out about their wives’ apostasy, the Muslim men were set on revenge, with sheikhs arriving to the church with plans to slaughter the pastor.

“…the Muslims are also planning to take my life,” he posted on Facebook. “They have for so many times sought to kill me, they have tortured me, and have led to the many times I have been jailed.”

Their first failed attempted to take the pastor’s life did not stop their determination however, and the mob of Muslims tried yet again to attack the pastor, this time as he walked home from his church service. Again, Kisa walked away unharmed, but they warned that if he did not stop preaching, that they would return and kill him.

Pastor Converts 3 Muslim Women. Husbands Find Out, Storm His Orphanage

Sadly, the next attack would not be supernaturally diverted, as this time, the group of barbaric Muslims set their eyes on the children of the orphanage. Arriving around 3:00 a.m. in the morning, the group of armed Muslims entered at Zion Children’s haven as the little children slept, taking out the most vile and inconceivable act imaginable.

“I come with sad news this morning,” Kisa grieved for the children. “Two of my daughters in the orphanage have been gang-raped and they are in a critical condition. It’s the worst experience of their lives.”

“They raped these precious girls right in front of him and all the young children, forced him to clap his hands as they were raping these poor orphans,” Cook explained. “When he refused to clap, [they] almost shot him…all while shouting phrases such as “Mwenyezi Mungu ni Kubwa,” Swahili for “Allah is Great.”

Pastor Converts 3 Muslim Women. Husbands Find Out, Storm His Orphanage

Kisa wrote that the two girls, ages 14 and 17, were sexually assaulted so violently, that they now require surgery in order to repair the extensive damage the muslim animals ravaged upon their tiny bodies. A close friend of the pastor, Amanda Cook, has since set up a YouCaring account in an effort to raise funds for the girls much needed surgeries.

“I urgently have to raise $2,300 for surgery and treatments,” he said regrettably.

As reported by Mad World News, Kisa pawned his guitar in order to pay for the ambulance services to transport the girls to the hospital, but the rest of the expenses are impossible for Kisa to come up with on his own.

“Pray about it and see what the Lord will have you do,” he urged supporters. “Any amount you can give will greatly help us meet the need and support my daughters.”

If you would like to help this pastor and these young girls, you can do so by clicking this link. All expenses raised will first go directly towards the medical expenses, and any leftover funds will go to buy supplies for the orphanage.

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As of now, Pastor Kisa says the attacks will not deter him from bringing the gospel to those in his country that want to hear it.


“No power of hell, no scheme of man, can ever pluck me from His hand; Till He returns or calls me home, here in the power of Christ I’ll stand.”

How horrifying! Please keep this pastor and the children in your prayers, and help financially if you can. Despite the inconceivable circumstances, it’s inspiring that this pastor is still so determined to serve God and bring the gospel to these people.

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