Murdering Hag Kills 8 Babies, Then Wants YOU To Feel Sorry For HER

Dominique Cottrez, a 51-year old Grandmother is on trial after admitting to killing eight of her newborn babies. This is the most severe case of infanticide ever seen in France, and she will possibly spend the rest of her life locked away in prison if found guilty.


Cottrez explained that carrying all eight babies to term, and then murdering them, was her chosen method of contraceptive, because she was afraid to see a doctor. The pregnancies were a result of what she claims was a long-term incestuous relationship with her father, and the only way for her to cover it up was to give birth to the babies in secret and hide their bodies after suffocating them.

She claims that the sexual relationship she had with her father began when she was a child, but eventually became consensual, and stated that at one point, she was more in love with her father than her own husband.


The systematic murders of her babies took place from 1989 to 2007. After having the first baby, she smothered it with sheets and blankets, wrapped it up in a garbage bag, and hid the body in her closet.

She gave birth to the second baby after she was hospitalized for an unrelated epileptic seizure, giving birth to it in the toilet in her hospital room. She then strangled the newborn infant with plastic sheets and towels and put the body inside the closet of the room, and brought it home with her after she was discharged.

Cottrez carried out similar methods with the other six babies. She was able to keep her pregnancies a secret from family and friends due to her obesity, covering up the fact that she was with child. The bodies of the babies were hidden in various places in and around her home, and according to her daughter, there was a foul odor in many rooms that she assumed was just sewage or her father’s stinky feet.

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The first of the bodies was found in 2010 by Leonard Meriaux, who moved into the family’s home. He was digging a hole in the backyard for a duck pond, when he discovered the tiny corpse, and then called police who later found another body buried in the garden. After investigating further, the other six bodies were found at the Cottrez’ new house, just a couple of blocks away.

While it’s unfortunate that this woman was sexually abused at the hands of her father, there is still no excuse for taking the lives of 8 innocent babies. Hopefully she gets a huge dose of karma headed her way, and spends the last of her pathetic existence rotting away in a prison cell.

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